Top 5 Reasons To Use A Mini Split VS A Central Air Conditioning System?

If you are considering an upgrade, installation or renovation to your home’s air conditioning system, then you’ll want to read through to the end of this short article. Home improvement is no laughing matter, and you’ll want to consider all your options before making a decision that will stick. So what’s the better option? In this article we will discuss the top five reasons you should consider using a Ductless Mini Split AC unit versus a traditional central air system.

Here are the Top 5 reasons:

·         Heat OR Cool Your Home or Office Without Using Ducts

·         Small Size Allows Flexibility For Indoor and Outdoor Zoning

·         Save Money On Your Monthly Energy Bills

·         Quiet, Comfort-Controlled Family, Dining or Theater Rooms

·         Easy, Fast Installation

Heat OR Cool Your Home or Office Without Using Ducts

Mini Split Air Conditioners are designed to blend in with your interior hassle free. Because they have no ductwork, you won’t have to cut and drill a bunch of holes in your rooms or office. All it takes is a simple 3 inch hole in the wall to connect the electrical wires and pipes from your indoor air handling unit to your outdoor compressor. Not only that, but the “no ducts” feature has other advantages we’ll address later on in this article.

Small Size Allows Flexibility For Indoor And Outdoor Zoning

Mini Split Air Conditioners are very small in size, allowing you to position the indoor and outdoor units wherever you like. The indoor units are very quiet, almost unnoticeable, and have a profile of only 8 inches deep. The noisier outdoor units, that do all the work for you, can be placed anywhere up to 24 to 50 feet from the indoor unit. This makes them a perfect fit in any home, and you can position them anywhere you please.

Save Money On Monthly Energy Bills

Okay maybe it’s no secret that this benefit should have been placed squarely at the top, but there are three main reasons Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners will save you money. In the first place, they run more energy efficient than other systems. Secondly, because they are ductless, you save up to 30% more energy that seeps through the ducts on traditional central AC systems. And lastly, because they’re installed in individual rooms, you can cool particular rooms as you please while leaving unoccupied sections untouched.

Quiet, Comfort-Controlled Family, Dining, Or Theater Rooms

The Ductless Mini Split has the additional benefit of being “whisper quiet” during operation. Unlike loud window AC systems, you won’t even know it’s there! This has the added benefit of ensuring the security of your home or office by leaving your window spaces closed off from the outside.

Easy, Fast Installation

Last but not least, we recommend you have a HVAC professional install your Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner for quick, painless and proper installation. The ductless nature of this AC system allows you to have them up and running in no time flat, making it a powerful option for upgrading your home or office as you see fit.


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