About Us

JustMiniSplits.com is a division of Paradigm AMO Corporation. Paradigm AMO is a fully accredited BBB member, located in Fort Lee New Jersey. Paradigm AMO runs multiple online businesses, and is dedicated to quality products and services, for a fraction of the cost.

Committed to creating a healthy, safe, and comfortable indoor environment, JustMiniSplits.com is a supplier and skilled specialist in the field of Environmental Control Systems. We have organized an expanding team of HVAC specialists who combine to offer the expertise and system reference for each individual application. We are specialized on Ductless Split AC's and any appliance that operates to serve air temperature management. Rather than marketing a random assortment of products, we exclusively deal with Mini Splits. This gives us the advantage of offering you a superior product for less. With a prospect retail store and catalog in the works, JustMiniSplits.com is constantly growing while continuing to provide responsive customer support and remaining loyal to the HVAC profession.


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